What Does it Cost?

 The cost of the Compass Employment
 Advisory Service is simply based on
 the number individuals employed by
 your company:

     1-10 employees         $100 per month
     11-30 employees       $150 per month
     31-49 employees       $200 per month
     50-75 employees       $250 per month
     76-100 employees     $300 per month
     101+ employees         By proposal

How it Works

Too often, employers are hesitant to contact legal counsel to discuss employment-

related legal questions.  Cost is cited as a key factor - employers are tired of

receiving expensive bills from an attorney for nothing more than periodic telephone

counseling.  A brief telephone call with an attorney, however, can avoid significant

and costly mistakes.  To ensure your business is never hesitant to reach out to an

attorney in a proactive way, we have developed the Compass Employment

Advisory Service.

A designated company contact (or contacts) will be afforded the opportunity to

contact Neumyer Law, LLC by telephone and discuss any human resource related

legal matters or questions.  Topics might include employment benefits, workers’

compensation, employee discipline, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour

matters, FMLA leaves of absence, restrictive covenants (non-compete and non-solicitation), disability related concerns, HIPAA, federal healthcare reform and unemployment compensation.  Your company receives the piece of mind that its day-to-day employment issues and decisions have been vetted by legal counsel.  At the same time, the company can ensure that its investment of legal dollars is known in advance no matter how much the service is used.

Access to HR-Related Forms

In additional to the advisory service, your company will receive access to a database of knowledge and information, including personnel policies and procedures, disciplinary forms, performance reviews, job descriptions, exit interview forms, and employment applications.  Because every company is different, these forms should never be   used “as-is.”  Through the counseling service, however, Neumyer Law, LLC will discuss how these forms may be used and tailored for use by your company.  Access to this database is included at no additional charge.

When Telephone Counseling Is Not Enough

Unfortunately, not all employment-related issues can be handled through a phone call.  Your business may face wage and hour claims, complaints of discrimination and/or harassment, and unemployment compensation hearings.  More complicated issues may arise that require in-depth legal analysis and research.  When these more sophisticated legal services are required (or when a written work product is preferred), your company will qualify for a discounted hourly rate of $125.  Because Neumyer Law, LLC will likely have been involved with the issue or concern through the advisory service, your company will not have to pay legal counsel to “get up to speed.”  Communication is key, and the company will always be notified when an advisory service becomes a separately billable event.